Nara Park is the introduction of Naramachi shops.

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Kimono play smile (rental kimono)

Rental kimono shop in Takahata

Matsuki (Kappo Matsuki)

You can enjoy seasonal dishes and local sake using Yamato vegetables and seasonal ingredients.

Yumesoan (Japanese cuisine)

You can have lunch and dinner while watching the garden where you can feel the seasons

Tower teahouse (tea porridge kaiseki)

You can enjoy a tasteful traditional Nara specialty.

Ashibinosato (Narazuke, dining place, wedding hall)

You can also enjoy Nara's specialties such as Yoshino Katsura, Narazuke, and Japanese sweets.

We sell Narazuke, and you can also have a pet and a cafe in the green.

Inunoen (Pet Hotel / Old Dog Home)

Naramachi's first dog-only pet hotel! You can also stay for dogs and temporarily keep dog runs.

Uoichi (Sushi & Sake BAR)

You can enjoy sushi, sashimi, tempura, and local sake from Nara. There is also a lunch menu.

Naramachi Museum

You can see treasures such as old-fashioned Naramachi folk implements and shop signs in the middle of Naramachi. Get a substitute monkey here.

Shunsai Kanon (Japanese cuisine)

Japanese restaurant near Sarusawa Pond

Maverick (hamburger)

A discerning hamburger shop in Naramachi, Fukuchiincho.

Horiuchi Fruit Garden

A sandwich shop with fresh fruit smoothies in Sanjo-dori

Ocean front nara

Wedding planner on Sanjo-dori

Japanese restaurant Miyama

A long-established store founded in the 10th year of the Meiji era. Japanese restaurant in front of Todaiji Temple

Rental kimono First Nara

Kintetsu Nara Station near the rental Kimonoya's